Wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of asking people: “What have you got planned for the holidays?”, we asked: “How do you about the holidays?”

I probably talk more about the What/How distinction than any other paradigm in my work. This is because the path of healing is the…

Have you been feeling it? That late November swirl? Time winding up, like a jack-in-the-box, set to pop soon? Holiday songs slipping into rotation on the radio? All the department stores poised, with their perfectly stacked displays of gift ideas?

It’s the calm before the storm.

My anticipation is laced…

This week, I found myself negotiating with myself.

I was running late putting my weekly newsletter together and I thought about skipping it. I had legitimate reasons and besides, I thought, the fate of the world doesn’t hinge on my little weekly newsletter.

The Ego loves to do this.


Do all rivers lead to the same sea? Or is it possible to miss the boat altogether?

Sometimes, racing toward the intersection, as the lights are changing from green to yellow, and I’m faced with the split second choice of whether to slow down or speed up, I consider how these micro decisions shape our entire destinies as human beings.

How many of them do we encounter…

Mary Welch Official

Healing practitioner and writer. Here to inspire. Learn more and join my mailing list: marywelch.com or follow along on IG @marywelchofficial

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